Postman Pat: The Movie (2014)

Postman Pat: The Movie (2014)

Like always, Postman Pat is happily going about his duty delivering letters and parcels around the fictional town of Greendale. One day, auditions for the TV talent show, "You're the One", are held in Greendale, which Pat manages to pass. With Pat required to be away from Greendale whilst participating in the contest, various Patbot 3000 robots are deployed to take Pat's postal duties. This soon turns out to be an evil plot to take over the world, which Pat must now stop.

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Cast List

Stephen Mangan

Postman Pat (voice)

Jim Broadbent

CEO (voice)

Rupert Grint

Josh (voice)

David Tennant

Wilf (voice)

Ronan Keating

Postman Pat (singing voice)

Susan Duerden

Sara Clifton (voice)

Sandra Teles

Julian Clifton (voice)

T.J. Ramini

Ben Taylor (voice)

Peter Woodward

Carbunkle (voice)

Robin Atkin Downes

Simon Cowbell (voice)

Brian George

Ajay Bains (voice)

Parminder Nagra

Nisha Bains (voice)

Also known as: