DMCA Compliance

Information for users

If an account is suspended for issues related to copyright infringement, it cannot be reopened under any circumstances . All decisions are final. If you attempt to register new accounts, those accounts will also be marked for closure. Users suspected of using multiple accounts or linked accounts will receive a permanent ban in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Information for copyright holders

We respect the copyright of others and believe this website complies with copyright laws. This page outlines the process we as an online service provider employ to handle content removal requests we receive under the DMCA laws.

Please read through our legal document located under the info section before submitted a copyright infringement complaint similar to: "you are streaming my film without permission". We do not stream movies. We do not host any files. We are not responsible for any content found on third party websites. Our data collection service simple indexes content discovered on third party services. It's important to note that removing content here will not impact the wider problem.

If you have an issue with another website, you need to contact them directly, not us. For example, if we link to a video on YouTube and you think the YouTube video violates your copyright, you need to file a DMCA request with YouTube and ask YouTube to remove the YouTube video from

We kindly ask you to avoid using free email accounts (such as hotmail, gmail, aol etc) where possible as we receive thousands of spam messages from these types of accounts everyday and occasionally legitimate mail is incorrect filtered by our email service providers.

Please provide as much information as possible. Incomplete requests will be rejected. Furthermore, all requests must be written in English.

In accordance with DMCA best guidelines, we respond to all claims as soon as possible, typically within 48 hours.

How to file a takedown notice

To deal with requests from copyright holders, we have partnered with DMCA Management ( a takedown notice handling organisation. They provide a clear and secure procedure for submitting information related to your filings.

The DMCA ID code you need to enter is: 93c113b27b0d0deab5375ab41d87e2d7.

Simple follow the application through step-by-step and click submit at the end.

Filing a claim using this process is the quickest and surest way to have content removed promptly and without the need for follow up emails should we need to clarify any details regarding your legal requests.

File a DMCA Claim

Further correspondence

If you wish to contact us regarding a previous submission through DMCA Management, please ensure you include the Claim ID number in the subject of your email. The Claim ID number would've been provided to you by DMCA Management in the follow up email delivered immediately after the initial filing.

Further information is available on the DMCA Management website.