Woman in the Dark (1952)

Woman in the Dark (1952)

Following a news report that a fabulous jewel collection, called "Unclaimed Cargo", will be on display at the Waldorf Jewelry Company, a city alderman and secret underworld gang leader, Nick Petzik (Peter Brocco), plans a gigantic jewel robbery. Petzik intends to sell the jewels back to the insurance company; and to force the insurance company to play ball with him, Petzik enlists the aid of Gino Morello ('Richard Benedict'), a young and reckless Italian boy, whose brother Phil (Rick Vallin') is the lawyer for the insurance company. Petzik is sure that once Phil learns that his brother is one of the thieves, he will do business with the gang without asking any questions. But...Anna Reichardt (Penny Edwards (I)'), an Austrian girl, who runs a pastry shop on the ground floor of the Morello apartment building...is a witness to the robbery and spots Gino as one of the robbers. Complications arise.

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Cast List

Penny Edwards

Anna Reichardt

Ross Elliott

Father Tony Morello

Rick Vallin

Phil Morello

Richard Benedict

Gino Morello

Argentina Brunetti

'Mama' Morello

Martin Garralaga

'Papa' Morello

Edit Angold

Tante Maria

Peter Brocco

Nick Petzik

Barbara Billingsley

Evelyn Courtney

John Doucette

'Dutch' Bender

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