Varan (1958)

Varan (1958)

When a rare species of butterfly is found in a mysterious valley in Japan, a pair of entomologists go to investigate and find more. However, when they get there they find an uncharted lake and as they are observing it they are caught in a landslide and killed. A reporter named Yuriko, the sister of one of the men decides to go to the area to find out what exactly happened. She is accompanied by another entomologist named Kenji and a reporter named Horiguchi. When they get to the village where the men were last seen alive they find out about a legend regarding a giant monster. They soon find out that it is not a legend and the monster named Varan is very much alive. Soon Varan leaves the valley where he has lived for millions of years and is heading for Tokyo. *Not* a lost film.

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Cast List

Kôzô Nomura

Kenji Uozaki

Ayumi Sonoda

Yuriko Shinjô

Koreya Senda

Dr. Sugimoto

Akihiko Hirata

Dr. Fujimora, bomb expert

Fuyuki Murakami

Dr. Majima, Sugimoto's aide

Yoshio Tsuchiya

Military Officer Katsumoto

Minosuke Yamada

Secretary of Defense

Hisaya Itô

Ichiro, Yuriko's brother

Yoshifumi Tajima

Captain of Uranami

Nadao Kirino

Yutaka Wada

Akira Sera

Village High Priest

Akio Kusama

Military Officer Kusama

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