Unmasked (1950)

Unmasked (1950)

Roger Lewis, publisher of a vicious scandal sheet, is in the habit of tricking wealthy, gullible women into investing in his ventures. His latest conquest is a shapely ex-showgirl, Doris King, the wife of Harry Jackson, once a top-flight producer. Jackson has lost all his money, but Doris still has her jewels, and she wants to divorce her husband and marry Lewis, who has no intentions of marrying her once he gets his hands on her (money) jewels. Jackson, concerned about Doris' happiness and wanting to prevent her from ruining her life, takes the jewels. Then he becomes involved in a fight with Lewis, who takes his revenge by killing Doris and pinning suspicion on Jackson. Jackson goes into hiding and falls prey to a small-time crook, "Biggie" Wolfe, who is secretly in the pay of Lewis. Wolfe wants to sell the jewelry and keep the proceeds for himself, telling Jackson the money will serve to get him the services of a good lawyer, but Lewis wants Jackson found with the jewels on him, ...

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Cast List

Robert Rockwell

Detective Lt. James 'Jim' Webster

Barbra Fuller

Linda Jackson

Raymond Burr

Roger Lewis

Hillary Brooke

Doris King (Jackson)

Paul Harvey

Harry Jackson

Norman Budd

'Biggie' Wolfe

John Eldredge

Johnny Rocco

Emory Parnell

'Pop' Swenson

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