Three Brave Men (1956)

Three Brave Men (1956)

Bernie Goldsmith, a long-time civilian employee of the U.S. Navy is suspended as a security risk when investigators discover he had communist affiliations in his youth. Snubbed by former friends and harassed by others in the community, Goldsmith hires a lawyer to fight the charges and clear his good name.

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Cast List

Ray Milland

Joe DiMarco

Ernest Borgnine

Bernard F. Goldsmith

Frank Lovejoy

Capt. Amos Winfield

Nina Foch

Lt. Mary Jane McCoy

Virginia Christine

Helen Goldsmith

Diane Jergens

Shirley Goldsmith

Warren Berlinger

Harry Goldsmith

Dean Jagger

John W. Rogers

Edward Andrews

Mayor Henry L. Jensen

Frank Faylen

Enos Warren

Andrew Duggan

Pastor Stephen Browning

Joseph Wiseman

Jim Barron

Also known as: