The Procrastinator (1952)

The Procrastinator (1952)

As usual, bright high school student Jean Nelson is doing everything to avoid doing what she should be doing, this time it being her English homework due tomorrow. Instead, she doodles and listens to music among other meaningless things. And as usual, she does listen to her mother's chastisement to get things done in a timely manner, but she just doesn't follow through on her promise to do so. Eventually, she is able to finish her homework, but just before it's due and at the expense of other things in her life. That day, she is elected chair of her class' social committee, which is tasked with organizing the year end dance seven months away. Her election is due to the fact that she chaired the previous committee which organized the highly successful assembly last year. However, some of her classmates realize that that success was despite Jean's procrastination, as many of the other committee members took charge of tasks to get the job done at the last minute since she didn't. This ...

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