The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

Rich Lois Frazer, divorcing her fortune-hunter husband, finds he's bought a gun. Suspecting he plans to kill her, she calls in her lover, who just happens to be Homicide Lieutenant Ed Cullen. When Ed arrives, the gun gets used...and because of his relationship with Lois, Ed is compelled to compound a felony. The good news: Ed himself is assigned to the case. The bad news: Ed's hotshot younger brother Andy, a new- minted detective, is also on the case...and anxious to prove himself.

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Cast List

Lee J. Cobb

Lt. Ed Cullen

Jane Wyatt

Lois Frazer

John Dall

Andy Cullen

Lisa Howard

Janet Cullen

Harlan Warde

Howard Frazer

Tito Vuolo

Pietro Capa

Charles Arnt

Ernest Quimby

Marjorie Bennett

Muriel Quimby

Alan Wells

Nito Capa

Mimi Aguglia

Mrs. Capa

Bud Wolfe

Officer Blair

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