The Long Haul (1957)

The Long Haul (1957)

Desperate to earn money, Harry hooks back up with Joe Easy. The best scene is when they make the final run to cash out a load of furs and they get lost on the way through the forest. The three drive the truck over the mountain to connect with the waiting ship in the harbor. The rocky terrain is a tense journey, until they try to cross the steam. Then it gets really good when they get stuck and have to remove a front tire in the middle of the stream. Harry's arm gets caught under the truck fender, they get loose but can't get up the embankment. There's an OK fist fight and then the trucks load slide off and crushes Joe Easy. That gets Harry & Lynn to the waiting ship. Harry then has guilty remorse and returns with Lynn to the wife and hospitalized son. They reconcile and the Police arrest harry for all his crimes.Lynn heads back to her dead end life at "The Congo Club"

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Cast List

Victor Mature

Harry Miller

Gene Anderson

Connie Miller

Michael Wade

Johnny "Butch" Miller

Wensley Pithey

George H. Mills

Madge Brindley

Waitress at The Wayside

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