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The Devil's General (1955)

Curt Jurgens stars as a courageous Luftwaffe officer. Jurgens loves the service, even though he barely tolerates the Hitler regime. Sickened by wartime Nazi atrocities, Jurgens renounces his government, and is imprisoned and tortured as a result. Once released, the general takes pity on a downtrodden Jewish family. This isolated act of kindness is a point in his favor when Jurgens stands before Satan himself for his final judgment. The Devil's General was based on an immensely successful postwar play by German author Carl Zuckmeyer.

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Cast List

Curd Jürgens

Gen. Harry Harras

Marianne Koch

Dorothea 'Diddo' Geiss

Viktor de Kowa

SS-Gruppenführer Schmidt-Lausitz

Karl John

Ingenieur Karl Oderbruch

Harry Meyen

Leutnant Hartmann

Bum Krüger

Hauptmann Lüttjohann

Paul Westermeier

Otto Korrianke, Fahrer von Harras

Camilla Spira

Kammersängerin Olivia Geiss

Albert Lieven

Oberst Friedrich Eilers

Beppo Brem

Hauptmann Pfundtmayer

Joseph Offenbach

Hauptsturmführer Zernick

Wolfried Lier

Kellner Detlev

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