The Daltons' Women (1950)

The Daltons' Women (1950)

The Dalton gang has moved west taking new identities and Marshals Lash and Fuzzy are after them. They receive help from Pinkerton agent Joan Talbot as they try to sort out who the bad guys really are.

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Cast List

Lash La Rue

Marshal Lash LaRue

Al St. John

Fuzzy Q. Jones (as Fuzzy St.John)

Jack Holt

Clint Dalton aka Mike Leonard

Pamela Blake

Joan Talbot

Jacqueline Fontaine

Jacqueline Fontaine

Raymond Hatton

Sheriff Doolin

Lyle Talbot

Jim Thorne

Tom Tyler

Emmett Dalton

J. Farrell MacDonald

Stage Co. Rep. Alvin

Terry Frost

Jess Dalton aka Billy Saunders

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