The Big Boodle (1957)

The Big Boodle (1957)

Ned Sherwood, dealer in a Havana casino (pre-Castro), gets 500 counterfeit pesos from an anonymous, attractive blonde. Then he's beaten and wounded by two thugs trying to retrieve the bills. Then the police suspect him of being the counterfeiter. Then the real counterfeiter suspects him of having the missing plates. And someone is trying to kill Ned, who has little choice but to pursue the case himself, through a Cuban underworld where no one is what they seem.

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Cast List

Rossana Rory

'Fina' Ferrer

Errol Flynn

Ned Sherwood

Francisco Canero

Police Doctor (as Dr. Francisco Canero)

Louis Oquendo

Detective (as Luis Oquendo)

Pedro Armendáriz

Col. Mastegui (as Pedro Armendariz)

Charles Todd

U.S. Treasury Agent Griswold

Also known as: