That Naughty Girl (1956)

That Naughty Girl (1956)

Nightclub entertainer Jean Clery has just become engaged to Lili, his attractive psychoanalyst. Meanwhile, the nightclub where he works is being used by a counterfeit ring, and Paris police suspect owner Paul Latour of being the ringleader. Finding it expedient to leave town, Paul leaves his "baby" daughter with Jean...who discovers too late that she's a wild, carefree, shapely sex-kitten with a talent for getting Jean into amusing scrapes.

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Cast List

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Latour

Françoise Fabian

Lili Rocher-Villedieu

Mischa Auer

Igor (ballet master)

Michel Serrault

2nd Inspector

Jean Poiret

1st Inspector

Bernard Lancret

Paul Latour

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