Ten Wanted Men (1955)

Ten Wanted Men (1955)

When John Stewart gives refuge to Wick Campbell's girl friend, Campbell turns against him. He rustles Stewart's cattle, murders his brother, and brings in hired guns. Then he and his men pin Stewart and a few others down in a house apparently killing them. But Stewart has escaped and returns alone to rid the town of Campbell and his men.

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Cast List

Randolph Scott

John Stewart

Jocelyn Brando

Corinne Michaels

Richard Boone

Wick Campbell

Donna Martell

Maria Segura

Skip Homeier

Howie Stewart

Clem Bevans

Tod Grinnel

Leo Gordon

Frank Scavo

Minor Watson

Jason Carr

Lester Matthews

Adam Stewart

Tom Powers

Henry Green

Dennis Weaver

Sheriff Clyde Gibbons

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