State Secret (1950)

State Secret (1950)

Visiting in England, famed American surgeon Doctor John Marlowe is decoyed to a middle European country, and discovers the operation he is to perform is on the Vosnian dictator. When the latter dies, he is replaced by a look-alike, but Marlowe is the object of a shoot-to-kill, vicious pursuit by the secret police of Vosnia since it is vital to Vosnia that the dictator's death does not become known. Fleeing, he seeks help from an English-speaking actress, Lisa Robinson, and the two are harried across the countryside before being captured.

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Cast List

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Dr. John Marlowe

Glynis Johns

Lisa Robinson

Jack Hawkins

Colonel Galcon

Herbert Lom

Karl Theodor

Walter Rilla

General Niva

Carl Jaffe

Janovic Prada

Leonard Sachs

Dr. Poldoi

Robert Ayres

Arthur J. Buckman

Gerard Heinz

Tomasi Bendel

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