Robbery Under Arms (1957)

Robbery Under Arms (1957)

During the mid 1860s, brothers Dick and Jim Marston are drawn into a life of crime by their ex-convict father Ben and his friend, infamous cattlethief Captain Starlight. Making their way to Melbourne with the proceeds of a recent raid, the brothers meet and romance the Morrison sisters, Kate and Jean, whom they eventually marry; but just as they are poised to start a new life in America, Captain Starlight and his gang arrive in town, planning a raid at the local bank.

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Cast List

Peter Finch

Captain Starlight

Ronald Lewis

Dick Marston

Maureen Swanson

Kate Morrison Mullockson

David McCallum

Jim Marston

Vincent Ball

George Storefield

Jill Ireland

Jean Morrison

Dudy Nimmo

Eileen Marston

Ursula Finlay

Grace Storefield

John Cadell


Russell Napier

Banker Green

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