Pixels (2015)

Pixels (2015)

Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.

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Cast List

Adam Sandler

Sam Brenner

Michelle Monaghan

Violet Van Patten

Peter Dinklage

Eddie Plant

Josh Gad

Ludlow Lamonsoff

Kevin James

President Will Cooper

Ashley Benson

Lady Lisa

Sean Bean

Corporal Hill (SAS Officer)

Jane Krakowski

Carolyn Cooper

Brian Cox

Admiral Porter

Dan Aykroyd

1982 Championship MC

Jackie Sandler

President's Assistant Jennifer

Also known as:

  • (MX) Pixeles
  • (BR) Pixels
  • (TH) Pixels (2015)
  • (BR) Pixels - O Filme
  • (BR) Pixels: O Filme
  • (CN) 世界大对战
  • (TW) 世界大對戰
  • (CN) 像素入侵
  • (CN) 天煞:像素之战
  • (CN) 屈机起格命
  • (HK) 屈機起格命

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