Pest Pupil (1957)

Pest Pupil (1957)

Baby Huey, the over-sized duck, is enrolled in kindergarten but his size and clumsy attempts to fit in causes such havoc that he is expelled by the teacher. His mother then hires a private tutor, who is led a life of misery due to Huey's efforts to do good that unintentionally backfire. But the tutor winds up in the ocean---unless Huey lived on a shark-invested lake---and and is about to become a shark meal but Huey saves his life...and gets his diploma as a reward from the grateful tutor.

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Cast List

Jack Mercer

Tutor / Duckling (voice)

Mae Questel

Baby Huey's Mommy (voice)

Sid Raymond

Baby Huey (voice)

Cecil Roy

Teacher / Duckling (voice)

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