New Year Sacrifice (1956)

New Year Sacrifice (1956)

Before the Revolution of 1911, widow Aunt Xianglin heard that her mother-in-law would sell her. Therefore, she ran to the Lu town and worked as a servant in Lord Lu Si's house, but she made his wife happy because of her diligence. However, her mother-in-law found her and forced her to marry He Laoliu. He Laoliu was honest, tolerant and kind. In order to pay off the debt, he finally exhausted to death and his son was eaten by wolves. Thus, Aunt Xianglin returned to Lord Lu Si's house. She was afraid of being torn limb from limb by Hades, so she contributed her one-year earning to the temple housing the god of earth. When she offered her sacrifices excitedly on the blessing evening, members of Lu family scolded her and drove her out. As a result, she died at the snowy blessing night.

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