Many Rivers to Cross (1955)

Many Rivers to Cross (1955)

Packaged and sold as an outdoor actioner, Many Rivers to Cross is as much a comedy as anything else. Robert Taylor stars as 18th century trapper Bushrod Gentry, who is himself entrapped into marriage by the spunky Mary Stuart Cherne (Eleanor Parker). Escaping his marital responsibilities (which were impressed upon him on threat of death), Gentry heads into the North Country, with Mary in hot pursuit. Hero and heroine spend the rest of the picture taking turns rescuing each other from hostile Indians. Some of the humor is predicated upon the wholesale slaughter of the "redskins", and as such is a bit hard to take when seen today. Supporting Taylor and Parker are Victor McLaglen as the heroine's burly father, and TV-stars-to be James Arness (Gunsmoke) and Russell Johnson and Alan Hale Jr. (Gilligan's Island).

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Cast List

Robert Taylor

Bushrod Gentry

Eleanor Parker

Mary Stuart Cherne

Victor McLaglen

Cadmus Cherne

James Arness

Esau Hamilton

Alan Hale Jr.

Luke Radford

Rhys Williams

Lige Blake

Sig Ruman

Spectacle Man

Rosemary DeCamp

Lucy Hamilton

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