Man in the Vault (1956)

Man in the Vault (1956)

There's $200,000 in a Los Angeles safety-deposit box that mobster Willis Trent would like to have, so he gets two-timing, double-dealing Flo Randall to get the box number for him. He offers locksmith Tommy Dancer $5,000 to make the key but Tommy refuses. Trent threatens to harm Tommy's girl friend, Betty Turner, and Tommy gives in and goes to the bank. In a few nerve-racking minutes, Tommy makes the key and pockets the $200,000 for himself. Trent sends word that he has kidnapped Betty and the ransom is $200,000.

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Cast List

William Campbell

Tommy Dancer

Karen Sharpe

Betty Turner

Anita Ekberg

Flo Randall

Berry Kroeger

Willis Trent (as Berry Kroger)

Paul Fix


James Seay

Paul De Camp

Robert Keys

Earl Farraday

Nancy Duke

Trent's Girl Friend

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez

Pedro (as Gonzales Gonzales)

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