Kelly and Me (1957)

Kelly and Me (1957)

Flop vaudeville performer Len Carmody is adopted by Kelly, a trained dog abandoned by Malo's dog act. When Kelly joins Len's ho-hum song and dance, a popular comedy act is born. On the train, Len meets young Mina Van Runkel, daughter of a movie producer in desperate need of new talent (it's 1930). Successful in making "dog pictures," can Len stand being second banana to Kelly? Complications: a pallid romantic triangle...and the reappearance of Kelly's original owner.

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Cast List

Van Johnson

Len Carmody

Piper Laurie

Mina Van Runkle

Martha Hyer

Lucy Castle

Onslow Stevens

Walter Van Runkle

Herbert Anderson

Ben Collins

Frank Wilcox

George Halderman

Also known as: