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Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chance (1950)

The Square Deal Boxing Corporation (crooked as a snake's hind leg), through Gordon Rogers, tries to make a deal with Knobby Walsh whereby it will own thirty percent of the contract with Heavyweight Champion Joe Palooka Knobby refuses, saying even in West Wokkington Falls he could stage a record bout. He only mentions the town because that is where he is going with Joe and his wife, Anne Howe Palooka, to visit their friend Humphrey Pennyworth. Rogers assumes Walsh is going to stage a bout between Palooka and Pennyworth and hastens to block it. Rogers tricks Pennyworth into signing with him for a bout and then arranges for the crooked town mayor, Phiffeny, and his cousins who run the town to erect a fight stadium. Knobby tells Humphrey that the only way to get out of his contract is a recall election replacing the present town officials with honest ones. Humphrey, the most-liked citizen agrees to run for mayor. At a campaign picnic, a child actress hired by Rogers rushes up to the ...

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