Jack and Jill (1954)

Jack and Jill (1954)

Siblings Benita (Lolita Rodriguez) and Gorio ('Dolphy (I)') play twisted roles: she drives a jeepney, he does all the household chores; she gets into brawls with men, he prefers to be called "Glory." All these they do in support of their father, Mang Ambo (Horacio Morelos), a driver for the rich and reckless Gardo (Rogelio de la Rosa), son of the elite Don Quinito ('Jose de Villa') and Doña Teresita (Etang Discher). When Mang Ambo's health fails him, he introduces Benita to the family, disguised as a boy named Itoy. Gorio, on the other hand, runs away to look for a job and ends up taken in and mistaken for an actual girl by Doña Teresita as her own "daughter." Living in totally new circumstances and with each bearing the secret of the other, how long can they keep up playing their game?

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