In the Navy (1941)

In the Navy (1941)

Popular crooner Russ Raymond (Dick Powell) abandons his career at its peak and joins the Navy using an alias, Tommy Halstead. However, Dorothy Roberts (Claire Dodd), a reporter, discovers his identity and follows him in the hopes of photographing him and revealing his identity to the world. Aboard the Alabama, Tommy meets up with Smoky (Bud Abbott) and Pomeroy (Lou Costello), who help hide him from Dorothy, who hatches numerous schemes in an attempt to photograph Tommy/Russ being a sailor. Pomeroy is in love with Patty, one of The Andrews Sisters, sends her numerous fan letters, and tries to impress her with false tales of his physique and his naval rank. Eventually, Patty discovers that Pomeroy is only a baker, and Pomeroy spends much of the movie attempting to win her affection.

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Cast List

Bud Abbott

Smokey Adams

Lou Costello

Pomeroy Watson

Dick Powell

Thomas Halstead

Claire Dodd

Dorothy Roberts

Dick Foran

Dynamite Dugan

William B. Davidson

Capt. Richards

Laverne Andrews

Laverne Andrews

Maxene Andrews

Maxene Andrews

Patty Andrews

Patty Andrews

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