I Accuse! (1958)

I Accuse! (1958)

The famous "Dreyfus Case" where a Jewish captain in the French Army is falsely accused of treason. He is sentenced to imprisonment on Devil's Island. When the real traitor is found the French Army tries to hide the truth.

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Cast List

José Ferrer

Capt. Alfred Dreyfus

Viveca Lindfors

Lucie Dreyfus

Emlyn Williams

Emile Zola

Adolf Wohlbrück

Maj. Esterhazy

Leo Genn

Maj. Picquart

David Farrar

Mathieu Dreyfus

Herbert Lom

Maj. DuPaty de Clam

Harry Andrews

Maj. Henry

Donald Wolfit

Gen. Mercier

Felix Aylmer

Edgar Demange

Michael Hordern

Prosecutor at 2nd trial

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