Hostage (2005)

Hostage (2005)

When a family is held hostage, former hostage negotiator Jeff Talley arrives at the scene. Talley's own family is kidnapped and Talley must decide which is more important: saving a family he doesn't even know or saving his own family.

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Cast List

Bruce Willis

Jeff Talley

Kevin Pollak

Walter Smith

Jimmy Bennett

Tommy Smith

Michelle Horn

Jennifer Smith

Ben Foster

Mars Krupcheck

Jonathan Tucker

Dennis Kelly

Marshall Allman

Kevin Kelly

Rumer Willis

Amanda Talley

Marjean Holden

Carol Flores

Kim Coates

The Watchman

Also known as:

  • (AR) Bajo amenaza
  • (PT) Hostage - Reféns
  • (GE) Mdzevali
  • (RO) Ostatec
  • (CA) Otages de la peur
  • (FI) Panttivanki
  • (HR) Talac
  • (RS) Talac
  • (SI) Talec
  • (CN) 硬汉也有迟暮时
  • (CN) 终极人质
  • (CN) 虎胆狙击
  • (CN) 虎胆阻击

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