Fierce Creatures (1997)

Fierce Creatures (1997)

Ex-policeman Rollo Lee is sent to run Marwood Zoo, the newly acquired business of a New Zealand tycoon. In order to meet high profit targets and keep the zoo open, Rollo enforces a new 'fierce creatures' policy, whereby only the most impressive and dangerous animals are allowed to remain in the zoo. However, the keepers are less enthusiastic about complying with these demands.

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Cast List

John Cleese

Rollo Lee

Jamie Lee Curtis

Willa Weston

Kevin Kline

Vince McCain/Rod McCain

Michael Palin

Adrian 'Bugsy' Malone

Robert Lindsay

Sydney Lotterby

Ronnie Corbett

Reggie Sealions

Carey Lowell

Cub Felines

Bille Brown

Neville Coltrane

Derek Griffiths

Gerry Ungulates

Cynthia Cleese

Pip 'Small Mammals'

Richard Ridings

Hugh Primates

Maria Aitken

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