Cuban Fireball (1951)

Cuban Fireball (1951)

Estelita is an entertainer in a Cuban cigar-factory and gets into trouble for mimicking her employer, but is fawned over after she inherits $20,000,000. On her way to Los Angelese to collect her inheritance, she decides to make herself unattractive to discourage suitors who want only her money. Tommy Pomeroy, son of the manager of her inherited oil company, proves to want only her (not knowing she is the heiress), and ignoring her other identity as an old, ugly hag. Posing as two different women gets her into all manner of complications, so she has to dispose of the old-woman's character. She is kidnapped by gangster, but Tommy rescues and wins her.

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Cast List

Warren Douglas

Tommy Pomeroy

Mimi Aguglia

Señora Martinez

Donald MacBride

Captain Brown

John Litel

Pomeroy Sr.

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