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Calling on Cape Town (1952)

This Traveltalk visit begins with a short, panoramic view of Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa. We then go to Table Mountain, south of the city, and take a tram ride up the mountain and back down. From high above the city, riders can appreciate the many geographic features of the area. In downtown Cape Town, there appear to be no rules for pedestrians to follow when crossing the street. Old and new architectural styles can be seen in adjacent buildings. Some of the city's suburbs are then highlighted. The first stop is Groot Constantia, home to government vineyards, which produce some of the finest grapes for South Africa's world-renowned wine. Next is the Groot Schuur estate, where onetime prime minister Cecil Rhodes (after whom the Rhodes Scholarship is named) lived. The last suburb we visit is the seaside resort community of Muizenberg, whose white sandy beaches were made famous in a poem by Rudyard Kipling. The last stop on our tour is the large Rhodes Memorial.

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