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Aren't We Wonderful (1958)

The movie explains Germany from 1913 until 1955 by example of two contrary characters: The idealistic journalist Hans (H.-J. Felmy) loses his work during the Third Reich, whereas opportunist Bruno (R. Graf) makes career to himself in the NSDAP party. After World War II ended, Bruno manages to be indispensable to the US administration and becomes a successful and well respected businessman, despite his Nazi-past. At the same time, Hans tries to earn a living on the countryside. But one day a time will come when both men will meet again.

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Cast List

Hansjörg Felmy

Hans Boeckel

Robert Graf

Bruno Tiches

Johanna von Koczian

Kirsten Hansen

Wera Frydtberg

Vera von Lieven

Ingrid Pan

Doddy Meisegeier

Ingrid van Bergen

Evelyne Meisegeier

Jürgen Goslar

Schally Meisegeier

Tatjana Sais

Mrs. Häflingen

Liesl Karlstadt

Mrs. Roselieb

Michl Lang

Anton Roselieb

Peter Lühr

Chefredakteur Vogel

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