Apache Territory (1958)

Apache Territory (1958)

Logan Cates (Rory Calhoun) sets out to rescue a white woman captured by Apache Indians and prevent a war. On the way he is joined by a few civilians and a small band of soldiers at a water hole. They are ambushed and laid siege to by Apache. As their food and water supplies dwindle a storm arrives which enables Cates to put an escape plan into action.

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Cast List

Rory Calhoun

Logan Cates

Barbara Bates

Jennifer Fair

John Dehner

Grant Kimbrough

Carolyn Craig

Junie Hatchett

Tom Pittman

Lonnie Foreman (as Thomas Pittman)

Leo Gordon


Francis De Sales

Sgt. Sheehan (as Francis DeSales)

Frank De Kova

Lugo (as Frank deKova)

Regis Parton

Conley (as Reg Parton)

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