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Albert Schweitzer - Anatomie eines Heiligen (2010)

Schweitzer is the modern day saint of the 20th century, the emblematic jungle doctor that saved lives in Africa. A Peace Nobel Prize laureate who created the concept of "Reverence for Life", excelling as medical doctor, musician, theologian, philosopher, and development worker. Exploring the staunch admiration as well as the criticism that made Schweitzer either a saint or a sinner, the film will discover the real person behind the icon. And thus reveal Schweitzer's legacy that might be more up to date than we realize, in the context of global warming, continuing warfare and nuclear threat.

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Cast List

Jeroen Krabbé

Albert Schweitzer

Barbara Hershey

Helene Schweitzer

Armin Rohde

Albert Einstein

Eleonore Weisgerber

Oberschwester Anna

Hans-Werner Meyer

Dr. Erik Hals

Jennifer Ulrich

Susi Sandler

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