A Lawless Street (1955)

A Lawless Street (1955)

The marshal of Medicine Bend is tired and alone. Tired of killing to keep himself from being killed; alone because of an unspoken past disappointment. The realisation that someone in town is paying to have him killed and the arrival with a show troupe of the special someone from the past coincide to force more than one type of showdown.

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Cast List

Randolph Scott

Marshal Calem Ware

Angela Lansbury

Tally Dickenson

Warner Anderson

Hamer Thorne

Jean Parker

Cora Dean

Wallace Ford

Dr. Amos Wynn

John Emery

Cody Clark

James Bell

Asaph Dean

Ruth Donnelly

Molly Higgins

Michael Pate

Harley Baskam

Don Megowan

Dooley Brion

Jeanette Nolan

Mrs. Dingo Brion

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