A Hill in Korea (1956)

A Hill in Korea (1956)

In 1951 during the Korean War general retreat of United Nations Forces a small British re-con platoon finds itself cut-off from the main British force.The platoon is led by Lieutenant Butler and Sergeant Payne.Corporals Ryker and Hodge are in charge of the men.After executing a search and destroy mission in an abandoned and booby-trapped Korean village the platoon heads toward rice fields but finds itself surrounded by Chinese enemy troops.When sending for help becomes no option Lieutenant Butler decides to closer investigate the isolated Korean temple perched atop a steep hill.The temple seems to be a good defensible position for the platoon but it's located at the top of the steep hill with only a sheer cliff to its rear.

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Cast List

George Baker

Lt. Butler

Harry Andrews

Sgt. Payne

Stanley Baker

Cpl. Ryker

Michael Medwin

Pvt. Docker

Stephen Boyd

Pvt. Sims

Victor Maddern

Pvt. Lindop

Harry Landis

Pvt. Rabin

Robert Brown

Pvt. O'Brien

Barry Lowe

Pvt. Neill

Robert Shaw

LCpl. Hodge

Percy Herbert

Pvt. Moon

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