Lee Roberts

Lee Roberts

Lee Roberts hat sich mit Filmen wie beteiligt Bestie des Grauens, Blazing the Overland Trail, Mit roher Gewalt, Riding with Buffalo Bill, Battle of Rogue River, Gunfighters of the Northwest.

Filme mit Lee Roberts (46)

Canyon Ambush (1952)

Sheriff Bob Conway

Desperadoes' Outpost (1952)

Henchman Spec Matson

Fort Osage (1952)

Henchman (Uncredited)

The Longhorn (1951)

Cowhand Clark

Whistling Hills (1951)

Slade - Henchman

Square Dance Jubilee (1949)

Line-Shack Henchman

The Fighting Redhead (1949)

Henchman Goldie Grant

The James Brothers of Missouri (1949)

'brandy' Jones [Chs. 6-7]

Mark of the Lash (1948)

Henchman Ace Talbot

Deadline (1948)

Henchman Trigger

Fighting Mustang (1948)

Attorney General Clark

Ghost Town Renegades (1947)

Luther Johnson (Heir To Waterhole)

Wild Country (1947)

Sheriff Josh Huckings

Wild West (1946)

Captain Rogers

Stars Over Texas (1946)

Hank Lawrence, Bar L

Outlaw Trail (1944)

2Nd Marshal (Uncredited)

Gleichen Vornamen: Lee

Gleichen Nachnamen: Roberts