Assassins (2004)

Assassins (2004)

Assasins depicts nine misfit men and women who attempted (four of them successfully) to assassinate American Presidents. While every nation has its assassins and would-be assassins, only in America, the authors suggest, do disturbed and disturbing individuals act not because they hope to influence national politics, but because they are wrapped up in a malignant sense of entitlement. Feeling betrayed by the failed promise of American democracy and the American Dream, they strike out at the symbol for America: the American President. Assassins spans several musical styles and many decades in a dizzying series of musical and theatrical inventions that culminate in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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Cast List

Marc Kudisch

The Proprietor

Neil Patrick Harris

Lee Harvey Oswald/ The Balladeer

Michael Cerveris

John Wilkes Booth

Denis O'Hare

Charles Guiteau

James Stacy Barbour

Leon Czolgosz

Jeffrey Kuhn

Giuseppe Zangara

Mary Catherine Garrison

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme

Becky Ann Baker

Sara Jane Moore

Alexander Gemignani

John Hinckley. Jr.

Mario Cantone

Samuel Byck

Brandon Wardell

David Herold

Anne L. Nathan

Emma Goldman

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